Sunday, December 13, 2009

"And why blog?" I hear you say??

Blogging is no longer the depressing domain of emo teenagers and their black eyeliner obsession. It is the most affordable and personable way to reach your internet savvy target market and improve your business's exposure to a massive potential client base and network with others in your field.

A blog can compliment an existing website or be your sole home on the internet. It is easily updated, low cost and the perfect format to communicate the background, story and aims of your business. Use it to keep your customers (and new followers) informed with news, special offers, recent press, updates on location and products. You can create a culture around what you are trying to do by posting outside your immediate business with interesting links that may appeal to your readers, or keep it simple with contact details and basic updates.

If this is sounding somewhat tempting, it should be...
The internet age can not be ignored and whether you are an artist, small business owner, athlete,  furniture designer, boat builder or candle stick maker you have to be in (the internet) to win!

That is where neighbourhood inc. will get you started on the RIGHT foot and if you want, continue to hold your hand and keep you on track in the blogging wilderness.

Neighbourhood Inc. would rather you were here and not at your desk!

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