Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just to quickly introduce myself...

My name is Julia Atkinson and I am self taught blogger of sorts. In a burst of curiosity a couple of years ago, I went exploring the internet to learn more about design blogging phenominum. My passion for writing and supporting young creative talent gave me the enthusiasm to have a crack myself and Studio Home Creative was born. The site has slowly developed in its popularity as I have learnt more about the wonders of marketing on the internet and the amazing power of blogging communities. SHC was also an experiment in self promotion as a way to open up further opportunities for myself and my fledgling interior design business, Studio Home. Well. It worked. I now write for numerous online and hard copy publications and have found myself constantly motivating talented young artists to get cracking and create a blog. I have discovered however, that what comes naturally to me and gives me a kick (ie.blogging) does not hold the same excitement for others. Thus. Neighbourhood Inc. is born.

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